2MN Jewels is a jewelry manufacturing company located in Thailand, our fine designs are inspired by Asian and European cultures giving it a unique blend.
We specialize in producing gold and high-end silver jewelry.



We strive to generate superior value and service for our customers and are fully committed to their expectations. We provide our clients with technical solutions for all designs.


Our team of skilled craftsmen are equipped with deep knowledge of all facets of jewelry production and masterfully combine European technology with Asian craftsmanship.

Results driven service

2MN Jewels prioritizes product quality and client satisfaction. We ensure that all the manufactured pieces add value and are consistent with clients’ requirements by taking into account production lead time, high quality and competitive prices.


We aim to forge a strong and meaningful relationship with our clients through trust. 2MN Jewels values clients’ confidentiality and intellectual property. Therefore, clients can be assured that all their designs and intellectual assets remain safe in our hands.

Quality Delivery

Our mission is to earn and maintain the confidence of our customers by meeting expectations and adhering to quality, service, providing technical knowledge, manufacturing experience and material recommendation in order to obtain the highest quality product possible.


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We specialize in creating high-end custom made gold and silver jewelry pieces for our clients in Europe and worldwide. The marriage of outstanding quality fused with our characteristic creativity and enthusiasm has won us the trust of global luxury jewelry houses and leading jewelry retailers alike.

The company was established in 2010 by Martin Dautzenberg, a Dutch goldsmith and artisan with over three decades of experience of collaborating with premier jewelry manufacturers.

Our Story


2MN offers an impressive collection of simple and elaborate items appropriate for every style, look, or function. Our custom-made pieces are a testimony of the owner’s prestige and aesthetics.